Communication and Public Engagement

I approached the fields of communication of science first and public engagement after when I was still a student in biotechnology at University.
I’ve always been convinced that scientists do play a key role in society but that at the same time they are citizens like any other: the interaction with society therefore has to be played on a different ground, where it’s human experience and not the role each one plays, to engage in a positive dialogue.

I was the youngest coordinator of a European project under the sixth framework programme for research of the European Commission aimed at addressing such a key idea. BIOPOP, the name of the initiative, involved many early stage researchers in the development of innovative training and communication methods, with incredible success.
I’ve worked as a facilitator in several public engagement initiatives, and designed several activities of public engagement myself, including public events, initiatives addressing the schools and role plays.

I consider Public Engagement a responsibility of Scientists, and therefore I’m always happy to contribute with my expertise to interesting initiatives, in particular when they involve young people and decision makers.

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