Francesco Lescai

Medical Biotechnologist, with an expertise in statistical genetics and computational biology. I'm Associate Professor of Bioinformatics at the University of Pavia, where I am leading a laboratory of Computational Genomics.

I have a broad range of experiences within academia and in industry, and have contributed to science policy expert groups as well as to initiatives for responsible innovation.

I'm always happy to build projects together in those areas, and work for the advancement of precision medicine and public health.

What I Do


I've began building NGS analysis pipelines when the genome sequencing revolution started. I have coded for a diverse range of applications spanning from Human genetics to metagenomics. I am interested in developing deep learning tools to advance the understanding of our genome.

Precision Medicine

I have worked for a translational genomics centre, helping clinicians improving diagnoses with genome analysis. I have led initiatives to understand the dynamics that make Precision Medicine successful and a game changing field. I am interested in developing new tools to further advance the role data analytics have in this sector.

Innovative Learning

I have a diploma in teaching methods in higher education, and developed considerable experience in designing teaching/learning experiences on a wide range of topics. I love to employ the latest technologies to design rewarding learning tools and contribute building skills for professionals of the future.

Responsible Innovation

I have been engaged in initiatives for science and society since I was a student, and deeply believe in a responsible approach to research and innovation. I have recently coordinated a EU funded project to develop tools helping industries to innovate responsibly, and integrate participatory and co-design approaches in their innovation process.